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Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Wood-fired organic sourdough. Handmade in Trentham. Tel 03 5424 1002


WINNER OF... National Baking Industry Association's Baking Seal of Excellence Award; NBIA Environment Award;
RACV Victorian Tourism Minister's Encouragement Award; Hepburn Shire Sustainability Award




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Our authentic, simple sourdoughs of organic flours, salt and water are transformed by the alchemy of natural fermentation and woodfired baking into loaves with outstanding colour, texture and flavour.

When you buy “sourdough” bread from another bakery, are you getting the real deal or is it "sour-faux"?

Here’s what we mean by authentic:

  1. Nothing artificial
    Our doughs are leavened with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria. We don't use bakers’ yeast, preservatives or any other additives.
  2. 100% certified organic
  3. Handmade
  4. Woodfired
    We bake in a 19th century woodfired Scotch oven - one of only a handful still operating in Australia.

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Thanks to Ben Harding of Media Magnet for this video of our lovely Blondes (crusty Vienna loaves).