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Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Wood-fired organic sourdough. Handmade in Trentham. Tel 03 5424 1002


WINNER OF... National Baking Industry Association's Baking Seal of Excellence Award; NBIA Environment Award;
RACV Victorian Tourism Minister's Encouragement Award; Hepburn Shire Sustainability Award




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How to keep RedBeard sourdough

Our organic sourdoughs are free from preservatives but the thick crust means our breads keep well if stored correctly - as follows:

  • All RedBeard breads can be enjoyed fresh for up to 3 days or as toast for a further 4 days. Exception: our Raven (dark rye) loaf lasts up to 3 weeks and some people prefer a matured rye loaf.

  • To keep bread fresh, wrap it in a paper bag and place it in a bread bin. Plastic bags make fresh bread ‘sweat’.

  • To freeze bread, wrap it in a paper bag inside a sealed plastic bag. Remember to slice the loaf before freezing unless you intend to thaw it all at once. Greaseproof paper between each slice stops them sticking together.

  • Thaw bread at room temperature. Avoid microwaving bread. To refresh a thawed loaf, briefly run water over it then place it in a hot oven (250 degrees Celsius) for 5 minutes. To refresh a single slice, lightly toast it. Never re-freeze thawed bread.

Of course, bread tastes best on the day it is baked. You can get a fresh loaf every weekend, at one of the markets that RedBeard attends; or
every day, straight out of our historic oven in Trentham.

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