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Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Red Beard Scotch Oven Sourdough
Wood-fired organic sourdough. Handmade in Trentham. Tel 03 5424 1002


WINNER OF... National Baking Industry Association's Baking Seal of Excellence Award; NBIA Environment Award;
RACV Victorian Tourism Minister's Encouragement Award; Hepburn Shire Sustainability Award




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How did we win the 2011 Environmental Award from the National Baking Industry Association AND the 2013 Sustainability Award from Hepburn Shire Council?

We want our grandkids to live on a healthy planet and be able to enjoy good sourdough bread too.  So here’s what we do at RedBeard to make sure we don’t bake the planet.

We reduce our greenhouse emissions by:

  • buying electricity from renewable sources and
  • firing our oven with sustainable plantation hardwood (sugar gum from Western Victoria) – this avoids the greenhouse emissions from standard baking ovens powered with coal-fired electricity.

We support sustainable agriculture by choosing:

  • organic ingredients (to reduce pollution)
  • locally grown ingredients (to reduce energy use in transport)
  • seasonal ingredients (to reduce energy use in food storage) and
  • supporting farmers' markets.

We also support the regional economy by:

  • employing locals
  • giving preference to local suppliers and
  • promoting regional tourism.

Our preferred suppliers include:

* We use Pink Lake Salt in our bread and cafe. Mount Zero Olives, with the local indigenous community, head out onto Pink Lake in Dimboola for the annual, sustainable, salt harvest. Learn more here.